Over the years, there have been some companies, non-profit organizations, and universities that I have had the pleasure of working with and developing special relationships.

The BioPharma sector represents a new pursuit and partnership. Jason Calfo, a graphic designer I have worked with for 25 years, and I started a design agency in 2019, servicing early and late stage pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, providers and research labs. Our years of collaboration and experience, telling stories and crafting communications for websites, print collateral, and presentations, will add value for this sector. BioPharmaDesign.com

A non-profit organization, Andrew Glover Youth Program, also known as Avenues of Justice is an alternative sentencing program for juveniles from the lower Eastside and East Harlem in NYC. I have been photographing portraits of the youth for over 15 years. The court advocacy, counseling, mentoring and positive support that the organization provides to each kid, results in a success formula that keeps juveniles out of jail and on a path to a fulfilling life. Their website is AvenuesForJustice.org

The non-profit, American Heart Association campaign was an award-winning design of my portraits of the “warriors of heart disease.” I volunteered my services with AHA’s advertising agency and creative team to create striking portraits of heart disease patients and practitioners.

Education sector shows photographs at CCNY’s Grove School of Engineering and highlights some years of my work in higher education.

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Youth Project
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