Jacqueline Woodson, Author


I had the pleasure of photographing Jacqueline at her home in Park Slope. This is the third time I have worked with Jacqueline on her author picture. Hair styles change, glasses change and we all get a little older but the spirit is the same. You might know of or read Jacqueline’s 24 or more young reader books or know of her receiving the 2014 National Book Award for her book, Brown Girl Dreaming. A wonderful memoir written in verse. A great book full of life and strength of spirit. It follows her birth in Ohio to growing up in SC and her moving to Brooklyn. You might of also read the “Table for 3” piece in the NYT in July when she had lunch with Jimmy Carter and their discussion about race and the south. As in the past my time with her is filled with talking about family and friends. My only regret was the weather. The rain prevented us from shooting on the front stoop of her brownstone or strolling the neighborhood. Next time!