SUZANNE TICK, Textile Designer Extraordinaire


Meet Suzanne Tick an impressive creative and friend. I have know Suzanne for many years and possibly you have too. Perhaps not directly but through her work that brings warmth and comfort to our homes, offices and public spaces. Maybe you saw her art hanging at The Cooper Hewitt Museum or at a gallery exhibit where she wove thousands of discarded dry cleaner’s hangers into a sculpture. Suzanne currently runs a NYC design studio specializing in material design, product design and development.

I spent part of a day with her in her East Village offices in a wonderful building where the basement has a loom for her weaving and the ground floor and first floor her offices. It’s a very active studio between deadlines for carpet design and fabric design. Suzanne was a joy to have in front of my camera. This is why I love what I do, on any day, I am able to walk in and experience other peoples lives.

Always on the go traveling the world for philanthropy and work, she still finds time for her weaving. A recent paper wall hanging was made from recycled office papers woven like a shag rug that she calls, “Pulp Fiction”. Visit her website to see samples of her work and art.